These are the most balanced LUTs you might find on the internet. I tested and tried hundreds of online LUTs. This LUT pack is the result of years of development to find a balance in the colours that reflect my taste and aesthetic.

EARTH Lightroom Presets

As a Professional cinematographer/Colorist and a fashion photographer, skin tones are of paramount importance. To get them right a sense of colours and an understanding of lumetri curves and skin-tone IRE values are extremely vital. Based on my experience and aesthetic sense, I have put together a Lightroom preset pack that you can apply to your pictures with just one click and do minute contrast and exposure adjustments. This saves a lot of time, which is as valuable as money, especially if you are a professional photographer who has to edit on the go. These presets are far from perfect, but by spending a little time and adding your own aesthetics, you can make the perfect picture.

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